Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will I Be Working This Summer?

Fox will only send sales reps to the very best markets in the nation and we only sell for the very best companies. Because we market for multiple pest control companies, we have access to the top markets in the nation. We are extremely selective of the markets we choose based on 4 factors: HIGH CONTRACT VALUE, LOW COMPETITION, HIGH BUG PRESSURE (lots of bugs), and GREAT RETENTION. The result: You make MORE money and have a more pleasant selling experience.

Who Owns the Company?

Fox is very selective about the markets we choose to go to on a year-to-year basis. Because we market for multiple pest control brands such as Orkin Exterminating which is the world's largest pest control company, we have the flexibility to select the VERY BEST MARKETS in the country! Great Retention, High Contract Values, and Low Competition. The result: You Make More MONEY and have a more pleasant selling experience.

Are There Pre-Season/Post-Season Selling Opportunities?

YES! We have reps that sell year round. If you want to go and sell right now, we have a warm buggy market and a skilled technician to service your accounts - same day!

Who Will Be My Manager?

Fox selects managers who exemplify the best of human values that are a true embodiment of the Fox Experience. We hand pick managers who have a proven track record of success. They are accomplished sales reps with outstanding leadership skills and sincere concern for their sales reps.

Who Will I Be Working With?

Because our first priority is providing our sales reps and associates with the best possible work experience, Fox only employs individuals who will uphold our values and principles. Many of your co-workers may be peers before the summer, but rest assured, they will become great friends by the end of the summer. Many of our reps develop life long friendships over the course of the summer.

What Is The Fox Experience?

Delivering the Fox Experience is our passion. While working to earn money this summer our number one focus is the quality of your experience.

Fox has a tradition of exceptional training, uncompromised integrity, sincere concern for others, principled goal setting, having a positive attitude, high earnings, exercising a strong consistent work ethic, and building fun, meaningful relationships. As an Fox Sales Rep, you must agree to live by a superlative personal code of conduct and to represent yourself in a way that upholds The Fox Experience.

How Much Money Will I Make?

While Fox has some of the highest averages in the industry for sales and earnings, we will not blow smoke in your face with unrealistic numbers. The chief officers at Fox will work closely with you before the summer to help you evaluate your own aptitude and skills to set a realistic goal. Of course the biggest factor will be your work ethic and attitude! Our first year reps earnings have ranged over the past few years from $7,000 to $180,000.

What Does The Future Hold With Fox?

As a growing company, the chief officers at Fox are constantly looking for developing leaders who can help grow our company! Whether you would like to return the next year as an experienced rep, sales manager, or grow a network and become a regional vice president, our door is always open. We love to help our team members achieve their goals, develop leaders skills, and reach their potential.

Does Fox offer any signing bonuses or incentives?

With over $8000 in realistic incentives offered, every sales rep has an opportunity to earn extra cash through out the summer. Fox offers more cash, money, and prizes than nearly any other summer sales company. Those who work the hardest will not only earn the most in commissions but they can also take home over $6000 in cash incentives and an additional $2000+ in prize incentives! Prizes last year included a cruise, GoPro camera, TV's, camping equipment, tablets, etc. Fox believes in incentivizing and rewarding exceptional performance!!!

What training will be provided?

If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. If you want to win, play for a winning team. If you want to earn a lot of money, you need to be trained by those who have been there and done that. Fox Trainers include the top reps in the industry:

  • Mike Romney, 14-year veteran. Best summer 1200+ accounts
  • Brytant White 9-year veteran. Best summer 900+ accounts
  • Jake Kidd, 15-year veteran. Best summer 800+ accounts
  • Jason Thompson 4-year veteran. Best summer 800+ accounts
  • Aaron Walker 11-year veteran. Best summer 700+ accounts
  • Nate Burnham, 13-year veteran. Best summer 600+ accounts
  • ...and many more.